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SkyRC Angle Gauge 3pcs for planes

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It's all about the angle: And with the protractors by SkyRC, fine-tuning in real time is no longer a problem at all! Setting the surface angle for a model airplane is a top priority, as many amateur pilots know. The positions of the different rudders play a significant role. Instead of measuring these angles mechanically as usual, the digital protractors show all relevant data on the smartphone. When optimizing, even small changes can have a big impact, so the best possible accuracy is recommended. Consisting of three sensor modules that are controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth and the "RC Gears" app, pilots can finally take off with a clear conscience.

SkyRC Center Gravity and Angle Gauge for planes

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This set consisting of the three center of gravity gauges and three angle gauges is an unbeatable combination when it comes to optimally preparing fixed-wing aircraft for the next flight. First determine the center of gravity with the sensor gauge, connect the protractors to the various oars and the first tests can begin via the real-time view on the smartphone. In the "RC Gears" app by SkyRC You can easily read off the various weights measured and receive suggestions on how to optimally adjust the center of gravity. With the protractors on the rudders, on the other hand, You can follow the angles via the app with a tolerance of 2° and how much they change. Everything was designed with the idea of giving pilots the ability to work as accurately as possible. And all of this conveniently with the smartphone. A true revolution in technology!

SkyRC Center Gravity for planes

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With this center of gravity gauge it is possible to quickly and easily determine the center of gravity of a flight model. Finding and using it can be one of the most difficult tasks if you want to do a few laps in a plane. This is ensured by three individual measurement modules that can be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth and forward the data to the RC Gears smartphone app for a perfect overview