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OMG 25T Aluminum Servo Horn Type C Gold

Preço em loja: 10,25 
9,00  c/iva. - Preço exclusivo online
This is OMG 25T Aluminum Servo Horn Type C Gold. Feature: For: RC Servo Material: Aluminum Color: Gold Include: OMG 25T Aluminum Servo Horn Type C Gold (1 pc)

Servo Arm Alu 24Z Grey (Hitec)

Preço em loja: 12,90 
10,17  c/iva. - Preço exclusivo online
These CNC-manufactured aluminum servo levers are not only connected to the servo via the mounting screw from above, but also with a hexagon socket screw on the side. With this screw, the servo arm is clamped onto the output shaft and ensures maximum hold. Another advantage is that it is now connected to the servo with 100% no play, which results in a more direct linkage and also relieves the load on the gearbox. Technical data:
  • Total length servo arm: 35mm
  • Arm thickness: 4mm
  • Thickness of arm servo side: 6mm
  • Press depth for servo gears: 3mm
  • Thickness of the arm on the rod side: 7mm
  • Mounting holes: M3 (2 pcs.)
  • Hole spacing of mounting holes to the center: 20mm (hole 1) / 24mm (hole 2)
Suitable for: Servos with 24 teeth gear ring / output shaft e.g.: Hitec
Scope of delivery: 1x anodized one-arm servo lever 24 teeth 2x hexagon socket screws